on-topic-sitting-2It’s another amazing day, and another new and exciting project called ‘On Topic’ has come to life while on what is my life’s journey. I see life as though it has been an adventure that has been separated into two parts. The first part consists of childhood that flowed into early adulthood. My mode of transport on that journey was shiny, new, and powerful. Suddenly I was forced to slow down almost to a halt due to a significant challenge with my health. I was seriously ill for ten years, but now I’m back and traveling at full speed with ‘On Topic’ at the forefront of all the new activity. You can get FREE music and become part of this new adventure at www.ontopictrio.com

One of the things that I had to do to keep going during my unhealthy period was to stay focused. I had to focus on being able to maintain a family life so that my children felt as happy and secure as possible. I had to help my wife as much as my health would allow. I also had to stay focused on improving my musical endeavors in that I worked as hard as I could on continuing to improve my drum set performance as well as my compositions. I had to stay ON TOPIC! I brought the name to the band thinking that this idea of staying on topic is something we all try to do in some capacity.

This new trio has revitalized the joy and optimism I felt when I was younger, and living in New York City. I feel like fantastic things are on the way for us. Kim Ratcliffe is an amazing person and outstanding guitarist. He has the unique ability to interpret a piece of music like he had been dreaming about it for years. We have been friends for a few years and he played in my group called ‘My id’. I’m thrilled to be working on an intimate project such a great musician at this time in my life. Brad Cheeseman is a fresh, exciting, and virtuosic bass player. I have worked with many of the best bass players in the music business and he easily fits into that club. I’m happy that he is into playing with Kim and I.


Make sure to go to the home page on this site to pick up some free music. We’ll be able to also stay in touch with you so you can follow us on our new journey. Lastly; click here to check out a really nice interview that Brad and I did in Hamilton Ontario in January 2016. It really sums up the voyage that On Topic is on. Thanks for listening!