Last April I had the honour of being invited to Woodshed Percussion, which is the headquarters for Dream Cymbals, in Toronto. They filmed me for a promotional campaign called “Live from the Woodshed”and we had an absolute blast!

While speaking with founder Andy Morris that day we came to the very cool realization that I have been with Dream for close to ten years! It’s really been a great time being involved with the company. I remember walking into Woodshed that first day, on the recommendation of drummer Julia Cleveland, and having a discussion about a place very similar to Woodshed called Percussion Pluswhich is located in Montreal. Going to Percussion Plus while at McGill University was an important part of my life in Montreal, and the fact that I was able to reminisce about that place with Andy made me feel relaxed. I knew that we had a chance at a great business and artistic relationship. Andy grew up in Montreal as I did and yes, he is totally a Montreal Canadians fan! He told me that Steve Shut from the Canadians lived down the street from him. Can you imagine that!

I feel like Andy Morris has created a cymbal company that is truly focused on the artistry of all drummers. I never get the sense that it’s about getting a one up on the competition, or about some kind of marketing campaign, or that it’s only business. It’s first and foremost about creating the colours that a drummer needs to paint with on a musical canvas. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a world famous time keeper, you will feel like Dream cymbals were made just for you.

I always feel that if I am going to be in a business relationship with a company like Dream it is very important to do whatever I can to support and promote the company. In the case of Dream, the relationship is more one of friendship, the love of percussion and art. Promoting the cymbals is natural and effortless. I am so glad that I was able to film these video clips and stay tuned for more to come in the near future.