My id - Jewel

This record celebrates my good fortune in having met my wife Julie. She literally saved my life when she donated one of her kidneys to me so that I could survive my near complete loss of kidney function due to the aggressive onslaught of systemic lupus erythematosus on my body. The CD was recorded eight months before we both went through transplant surgery. So check out this recording and hear how the power of music gave us both strength in the face of adversary.

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About Aubrey

A drummer who plays the music before the drums

At the age of 5 Aubrey started to study the accordion and piano. After completing his formal education at McGill University and Manhattan School of Music, in classical and jazz percussion, Aubrey went on to perform in varied situations.

He has toured with James ‘Blood’ Ulmer, Hassan Hakmoun (support act for Peter Gabriel), God Street wine, The John Popper Band, Sam Rivers, Ernest Ranglin and several other artists. While living in New York City, he performed in diverse situations. He spent two years on Broadway performing on the show “Bring in ‘Da Noise Bring in Da Funk”. He also performed on the  David Letterman show and the Jay Leno show as part of the John Popper Band. Aubrey also performed at the famous Carnegie Hall with the New York Metro Mass choir.

Aubrey continues to work with James ‘Blood’ Ulmer in a trio, The Music Revelation Ensemble, and with his Memphis Blood Blues band that features guitarist Vernon Reid. He also leads a project called “My id” that occasionally includes Vernon Reid as a special guest. He has released three CDs with “My id”. Both CDs include special guest performances by Vernon Reid and other great artists. Aubrey has recovered fully from kidney transplant surgery and is back to performing full time in support of his latest CD called Jewel as well as the documentary film “StayAubrey!” His latest project is called “On Topic” with bassist Brad Cheeseman and Kim Ratcliffe.


Aubrey Dayle Drum Studios

For those who want to bring drums and music into their lives

Aubrey Dayle Drum Studios has been in operation since 2004. I have made a great effort to accommodate students from age of 6 to 100. The lessons are structured to engage students at all musical levels. I have a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree in music, along with 20 years of teaching experience and 36 years of performance experience. As a result, I make every effort to give clear and articulate instruction. The main focus of my instruction is musical improvement and, above all else, having fun!

Aubrey Dayle Drum Studios

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On Topic

Electric jazz and more

The Music of ‘On Topic’ is a collaborative effort from guitarist Kim Ratcliffe, drummer Aubrey Dayle, and the new blood on the music scene, bassist Brad Cheeseman. The trio was formed in early 2015, and is now putting aside some of their other musical endeavours to bring music to the world in this trio setting. Each member of the group are leaders of their own solo projects as well. ‘On Topic’ is a project where they have an opportunity to express themselves in an environment where it is good to relinquish some control, and work more as a band. Click the button below for more information. This trio will caress you, rock you, and everything in between.

It's Great To Be Alive!

My journey back from the brink

I have had a few very big moments in my life. I can use my being born, getting married, seeing my children born, the first times I toured Europe and America as examples. In 2013 I had a massive moment when I received a kidney transplant!

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